Our lawyers advise clients on license negotiations, drafting and applications as well as government approvals.

We also advise clients on issues pertaining to use and import of telecommunication equipment, acquisition and sharing of telecom tower site,

installation of servers, reselling of bandwidth and telecom resources, tariff and license fees.

Our firm advise clients on comprehensive issues relating to telecommunications including:



  • Agreements relating to procurement of telecom equipment;
  • Interconnection agreements;
  • Acquisition and sharing agreements;
  • Payment of license fee and reselling of telecom resources;

Registration of Service Providers with the Telecommunications Regulator.


Trust Juris Chambers is a full service corporate and business law firm with a variety of clients including local and international corporations, private businesses, non-governmental and international organisations. Our main areas of practice are corporate and commercial, litigation and arbitration, employment, tax, intellectual property, competition, telecommunications, energy and mining.


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