African reach.

Our African legal network

Trust Juris Chambers is proud to be a Founding Partner of W-AKILI AFRICA.

W-AKILI AFRICA is an international legal network of independent law firms established in Africa and working together to better serve clients operating within the African continent.

Through this strategic alliance we are offering legal services to our clients especially in the East Afri-can Community including in Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda and Burundi. W-AKILI AF-RICA is developing its network in Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo and in South Sudan, and should reach new markets in both Anglophone and Francophone African countries through its business development strategy.





Democratic Republic of Congo


Trust Juris Chambers is a full service corporate and business law firm with a variety of clients including local and international corporations, private businesses, non-governmental and international organisations. Our main areas of practice are corporate and commercial, litigation and arbitration, employment, tax, intellectual property, competition, telecommunications, energy and mining.


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